Sunday, September 9, 2007

After Zinefest

(Repost resurrection from the Wellington Zinefest MySpace page)

Wow, its the evening after zinefest and i am tired, but elated. Kim and i are so happy with the way that zinefest went. What a great day, I was happy with everyones responses to the food, workshops, zines and the library collection!

Thank you to all that came and contributed to making it such a fantastic day, I have spent the evening reading through the zines that I bought today and I am so pleased with what I scored from the day and I hope everyone else took home some great zines to keep them entertained.

Big thanks to the library for sponsoring zinefest, not only did they help it happen but they bought along the new zine collection which was fully used today and appreciated. Don't forget to pop in and see the full collection at Central Library on the 1st floor.

Also big thanks to Chantal, Steph, Chrissie, the Gruschows(sorry to lump you in) Maria, Heather, vj, tom and luke who helped set up, take down, cook, and more! Also thanks to our wonderful workshoppers - Alex, Brent, Kim and Cherry bomb comics.

Next week will find me and Kim on the Craftwerk tour, visiting auckland and hamilton.

Kylie Buck