Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Application for Winter Zinefest are open!

Applications for the Wellington Winter Zine Market on July 18 are now open! Spaces will allocated on a first applied first served basis. Because the Thistle hall space is a little bit smaller than the James Cabaret space, there will be fewer spaces available so get in quick. In order to cover the costs of table hire, and posters and other admin costs, there’ll be a $5 fee for stall holders, which you can pay on the day. Everyone will get half a large trestle table. There’ll be no full-table spaces available so if have a lot of zines to sell, you may need to leave some at home. If there is enough space for us to have a full table we’ll let you know before the market. There are a couple of small tables available that someone can occupy and those are available to people that turn up early.
The zine market opens at 12 pm noon so you’ll need to be there sometime between 11 and 11.50 am to set up. If you find that you need to cancel, let us know as soon as you can, so that we can notify the next person on the waiting list. In order to make the zine market as comfortable as possible we would prefer not to have more than 3 people behind a table at any one time. At a squeeze we can maybe fit 4 people behind a table but if there’s a large group of you, consider taking turns behind the table instead of cramming everyone in at once.
Email them to What we would to know in your application is your name, contact details, the name of your zine or organisation, and whether you need seating for 1 or 2 people (so that if there’s 2 of you, we’ll get you to share a table with 1 person sitting their space and vice versa). And also please remember that the zine market is for people who want to sell (or swap) predominantly zines/small print/ self-published material so if you want to sell mostly other things please consider selling them somewhere else.
So yeah, get in quick. It’ll be awesome!