Monday, December 7, 2009

Papery Love (the 09 photos and reportage)

Here's a bunch of gorgeous photos from Wellington Zinefest '09 at Mighty Mighty, courtesy of David Buck. The deep reds and greens of Mighty Mighty sure make a pretty picture.

More people attended Wellington Zinefest '09 than Wellington Zinefest '08 at the Wesley Church Hall. We're torn between our love of this new venue and it's eccentric charms and the possible need for a bigger space (what a nice dilemma to have).

The zine compiled from the make-a-zine-page workshoppers is a thing of beauty. Many keen folk laboured over their thematic montages, creating pages with a real sense of craft and wit. Wellington City Library's Stephanie Poulopoulos is compiling the results for all contributors right about now. And on that subject, The Wellington City Library bought many new zine titles to add to their growing collection.

We poached Auckland Zinefest's best of the fest idea, awarding the trophy for 2009 to Nick of Cross Street Studios, who's debut zine Chew Gum Bitches had the cutest drawings, funniest captions and best packaging of all.

Be sure to add your comments, also naming people in photographs that I might have missed. If you took some photos of the event yourself, post these to Bryce Galloway at That email address should also be good for any other enquiries you might have.

Montage at the workshop table