Monday, November 12, 2012

Wellington Zinefest Mixtape 2012

We have put together a mixtape of some of the great musical acts associated with some of the stalls at Wellington Zinefest 2012.

The Tracklist is as follows

1. Robin - It's always different
2. RICHE$ - Illuminati
3. Laurier - CLMX (Usher)
4. The False Dimitry's - Girl Next Door
5. Fantails - Howling at the Moon (Also Playing at the Zinefest Afterparty)
6. It Hurts - Hurting Kind (Also Playing at the Zinefest Afterparty)
7. Athuzela Brown - Denny
8. Jemmamarie - I Don't Want

Click on the image above for link to download.

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