Saturday, October 22, 2016

//Zinefest Meets Matchbox - Paper Craft! // Interview with Rachel Lynch

Wellington Zinefest is hosting a rad workshop series at Matchbox Studios over October/November, leading up to Wellington Zinefest on November 19th! 

Committee member Rachel Lynch is hosting a Paper Craft workshop on Sunday Oct 23rd! Rachel had a chat to Ellen about what she loves about the zine world.

  • Tell us a few things you are passionate about? 
    Socks, that seems obvious, zines, which also seems obvious. Being a librarian, enamel pins, and animals that are so cute that they make me cry. I’m very passionate about that. Also Netflix.

  • How did you get into zine making? 
    I think I went to a Zinefest workshop two years ago where we weren’t even making zines, we were making paper houses like we are going to be making this week [in Rachel’s workshop, see below for details]. That was my first introduction to zine makers. I think I went to a couple of other workshops after that. Then I just started finding zines to read and making my own.  

  • What kind of zines do you make? 
    I make Sock Review, in which I review socks. It’s self explanatory and exactly what you are expecting. I review socks that I have and tell you if they are worth buying or not. There’s a lot of socks out there and some of them are really bad, sometimes they are really good. That’s what I’m here for. To go with that series I am going to be making ‘how to care for your socks’ zine because it’s important and people don’t look after their socks properly. I can attest to this, if you have not seen how bobbly Amand’s [the boyfriend] socks are, it’s disgraceful and I’m ashamed. I’m making some black out poetry. I’m not much of a poet but I’m liking that style. I’m sure I have a bunch of stuff I said to myself I would work on and I haven’t done them yet.

  • When/ why/ how did you become a committee member (tee hee)? 
    After I had been to some Zinefest workshops two years ago, I ended up getting a stall at Zinefest and that’s why I made my first Sock Review and a comic zine with Ottilie called Mundames. Those titles were our first zines. On that day another committee member asked me if I wanted to join and I said ‘ok. I guess that’s happening.’ She could tell I was enthusiastic enough or organised enough, at least. And that was how that happened.  

  • Any good zine recommendations? 
    Oh boy. One of my favourite zines is this one called ‘Chad.’ A chad is the little circle of paper that is cut out when you use a hole punch. The ‘Chad’ zine is little mini snap lock bags with a chad in them and it tells you where it came from, it could be a credit card, magazine, newspaper or a chip packet. It’s made by kimi, niko and co. They write some cool and interesting zine formats. I also really like Ezra from Dresden Street Distro. He makes listicle zines which is similar to what I do. He creates cool illustrations and design features.  

  • What workshops are you running up to the big event Zinefest November 19th 2016?! 
    Woo! This Sunday I’m hosting a paper craft workshop. We are going to make 3D sculptures- fruit - they are going to look really cool! We will also make garlands and bunting to decorate your stall or room, and origami. If you can make it from paper you can do it at this workshop. I’m providing cool patterned paper for the garlands or bunting. Bunting doesn’t have to be triangles on a sting, it can be anything.  

  • Got any plugs? 
    At home we only have one plug for our bath and our sink and sometimes people are like ‘where’s the plug?’ and it’s in the sink. Also, my twitter is @sock_review and I have the same handle for my instagram, also the name of my zine. Also, please check out the Wellington Central Library zine collection.

  • Most importantly, if you were a dog what kind of dog would you be? 
    Last week I met a dalmatian called ‘Albert’, he belongs to Eloise at the neighbourhood studio and I really resonated with him because every time a new person came in he would look at them asking for attention but in a very quiet way. When he was not on his lead and he could just walk around the studio he was really happy and wagging his tail which hit everybody in the legs. That really resonated with me, hitting everyone with my happiness.

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